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Novuskills Uses Quickchat AI to Support Their Global Customer Base 24/7

With a rising customer base comes great responsibility: providing customer support around the clock in multiple languages. See how Novuskills leveraged AI to achieve this and never miss out on opportunities again.
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Nicolás Lacayo was responsible for implementing an AI solution in the Technical Support team at Novuskills, an e-learning and EdTech company that’s dedicated to providing top-tier educational resources to a global audience. Offering a wide range of courses and learning tools, Novuskills helps individuals and organizations achieve their goals.

Nicolás Lacayo
Nicolás from the Novuskills team

The mission is to make high-quality education accessible to everyone, no matter their location.

Hurdles of supporting a global customer base around the clock

As Novuskills expanded worldwide, they began reaching learners in various time zones who spoke different languages. But with a global audience came a big challenge: providing customer support 24/7 in multiple languages.

Relying on human operators was getting tricky and expensive, and the stakes were high — missing out on potential clients, due to delayed responses or miscommunications, was a risk they couldn’t afford.

They knew they needed a better solution fast.

Search for the right solution

In February 2023, Novuskills began an intensive search for an AI-driven customer support solution.

Their journey started on the web, where they evaluated three potential options.

Quickchat AI stood out from the competition. As Nicolás puts it:

Quickchat’s advanced natural language processing capabilities, seamless integration, scalability, very helpful and responsive support, and the ability to customize the AI to fit our brand voice were the things that convinced us we came to the right place.

Implementing a new tool into business is always a risk, and Nicolás and his team initially had several concerns:

Setup time: How long would it take to get everything up and running?

Accuracy: Would the AI really understand all the different customer questions and answer correctly and in Novuskills’ voice?

Cost: What would be the final cost?

Multilingual Support: Could the AI handle multiple languages accurately?

However, these worries were addressed by the Quickchat team AI right at the beginning.

The Quickchat team was incredibly helpful. They offered detailed guidance and responsive support, ensuring our AI Assistant is perfectly aligned with our brand and customer service goals.

The whole implementation went smoothly and hassle-free

Nicolás pointed out that due to the specificity of the world’s languages and the need to keep Novuskills’ brand names safe and consistent in every language, he particularly appreciated the Custom Translations feature. It lets you specify which particular translations you want the Assistant to use and which words should be completely excluded from the translation.

A screenshot of the Custom Translations section
Example brand names exclusions in Quickchat AI interface

Big win

After the required internal testing, Novuskills quickly went live by embedding the Quickchat Widget onto their website.

Quickchat AI's Widget on Novuskills' website
Quickchat AI's Widget on Novuskills' website

They experienced the results right away:

24/7 availability: The AI never sleeps, so customers started getting answers fast, anytime, anywhere.

Happy customers: Fast, accurate responses made customers more interested in the offer.

More leads: This increased the number of lead conversions for Novuskills.

Useful insights: On top of that, Quickchat’s analytics provided insights into customer behavior and frequently asked questions, enabling continuous improvement in service.

Dashboard view

The benefits for Novuskills' customer service were clear:

Quickchat has dramatically improved our customer engagement by ensuring we are always available, regardless of time zones.

But in the e-learning market increasingly shaped by AI advancements, implementing Quickchat AI also allowed Novuskills to differentiate itself as a tech-savvy, customer-focused company.

The ease of retraining the AI Assistant on the most recent company information ensures it remains up-to-date with Novuskills’ latest offerings and updates, always giving its customers reliable and accurate responses.

Novuskills continues to provide great customer service and to come up with new ideas and potential uses of conversational AI in their business, setting a new standard in the e-learning and EdTech industry.

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