Build your custom AI Assistants, have control over their responses

No-code platform that leverages Large Language Models such as OpenAI's GPT to craft customizable AI Assistants tailored to your business.

Truly conversational AI without decision trees.
Start building for free
AI Assistant
Tailor it to your business and control the conversation flow
Conversation style
Choose languages, tone of voice, creativity and more
Knowledge Base
Add knowledge manually or import it from your sources
It's ready to go!
Test & integrate
Deploy and connect
to your apps
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Trusted by hundreds of large and small companies:
Trusted by 1000+ companies, big and small:
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Key features


Relevant and
non-generic answers

Add your knowledge to the AI Assistant. Train it to accurately use the provided resources during a conversation. No digressions or incorrect information.

Your AI Assistant can be trained on nearly any data
—use your website, PDFs or just paste text to the Knowledge Base.


Keep your
brand voice

Make AI Assistant use your individual tone and personality. Stay consistent with your brand book.

Adjust the creativity level, language, reply length and link priorities. Maintain control over your conversation.


Connected to
your apps

Connect your AI Assistant with your favorite internal or external tools. Teach it to perform custom actions or retrieve information.

Use our one-click integrations or connect via Quickchat API.


Solve real problems
with AI

Relieve your customer support team, while still staying in control

Provides support for your customers in 100+ languages
Automatically relays AI conversations to your Customer Support team when needed
Gets you conversation-based insights to improve your Knowledge Base

Easy access to your company's

Searches across your apps and gives you answers through a chat interface
Understands and speaks the languages of your team
Integrates with your favorite internal tools
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Automate menial sales tasks,
have more time for your prospects

Automatically gathers contact details and valuable data from your leads
Communicates with international prospects in their native languages
Automatically transfers to a Sales Rep when the lead is ready to proceed
Integrates with your favorite CRM
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Extract insights from your interviews at scale

Performs qualitative research without a human researcher
Collects specific answers and achieve your interview goals
Generates a custom report with research results

Create your own AI Persona using our Conversational AI Engine

Custom AI Personality
Customised AI Actions and Behaviors
From robots to virtual AI personas, partner with us to execute your vision
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Why companies large and small choose Quickchat AI?

Since 2020, we have been developing Conversational AI Assistants powered by Generative AI (LLMs). Our technology has been battle-tested over the years which taught us the importance of detailed design and tight control over AI solutions. We now leverage that knowledge to deliver a world-class Conversation Design platform.

Over 3 years

in the field of Generative Al.
We know how to do it right.

1 000+

AI Assistants created for various use cases using our technology.

7 million+

messages handled by our
Al Assistants.

research on cutting-edge LLMs
(GPT, Cohere, Anthropic, etc.)


Industries that use our technology

Quickchat AI has revolutionized the way we work, saving us immense amounts of time and effort. It has become such an integral part of our team that we can't imagine life without it.

Richard Bandoy
Business Process Manager

We've had 2,000+ interactions with the Assistant with a user satisfaction rate of 100%. Quickchat AI had everything we needed: ease of building the Knowledge Base, user-friendly interface, multilingual abilities, and responsive customer support.

Michael La Riviere
Enterprise Web Architect
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