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AI is the future that we build together.

We make conversational AI. Sounds futuristic? Good. Our customers are people who live in the future and are among the first to have AI Assistants as part of their everyday life.

We are focused on learning and growth. In a field that is moving so fast, what is state of the art today might be outdated a year from now. By that time, we may need you to become an expert in a field that doesn’t exist yet.

This will be nothing like your previous job. We pay you to learn and be creative. We want to hear about your ideas and work together to make them happen. You will take ownership of ambitious projects and likely work on things that have never been done before.

We are looking for exceptional candidates to join our Business and Technology teams in Warsaw, San Francisco or remotely.

Sales & Marketing Associate

Join our Business team to conceptualise solutions and bring AI to our business partners. You will take ownership of key business accounts and collaborate closely with our Technology team to deliver remarkable solutions and never-seen-before results.

What drives us is effective knowledge sharing and clear communication. Rather than use buzzwords, we let our technology speak for itself.

Our technology is out of ordinary, so is what we do to tell the world about it. Come work with us to think outside the box, move fast and learn like never before.

What we look for:
  • 2+ years of relevant partnerships / business development experience in tech environment
  • fluency in English
  • great communication skills
  • passion for technology
Bonus points for:
  • experience maintaining key account relationships at a technology company
  • experience marketing SaaS / consumer tech products
  • experience running, analysing and optimising Ad campaigns
  • experience creating video / text content optimised for social media / SEO marketing
  • teaching us something we didn't know before about our product or industry
  • telling us about something that's wrong with our product or go-to-market strategy along with a concrete and detailed plan on how you would try to improve it
  • interesting side projects (we will want to ask a lot of questions about them!)
  • bold predictions about the future of technology (we look forward to hearing about those!)
  • understanding of and enthusiasm for Machine Learning, generative models and GPT-3 in particular
  • bringing screenshots of your conversations with Emerson to interview
  • experience as Assistant to the Regional Manager

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Machine Learning Engineer

Join our Technology team to build consumer products and business solutions on top of state of the art language models like OpenAI's GPT-3. From day one, you will take ownership and contribute to key parts of our technology.

We live and breathe Machine Learning. We love Python, Linux and Git. We tolerate JavaScript, CSS, even React Native at times.

What we look for:
  • 1+ years in Software Engineer or ML Engineer roles
  • deep understanding of Machine Learning theory and practice
  • technical fluency in English
  • great communication skills
Bonus points for:
  • Kaggle competitions (walk me through your solution!)
  • interesting side projects (we will ask a lot of questions about them!)
  • deeply technical interests other than software / Machine Learning
  • currently live coding projects (we will want to have a look at them before your interview)
  • teaching us something we didn't know before about our product or industry
  • ever having written AWK scripts
  • experience with Django, single-page applications, Nginx, cloud computing, API design
  • experience deploying apps to the App Store or Google Play
  • deep understanding of and experience working with GPT-3 and other language models
  • experience training ML models for time-series data
  • experience training classification models for extremely imbalanced classes
  • reading machine learning papers in your spare time (share your favourites!)
  • telling us about something that's wrong with our product along with a concrete and detailed plan on how you would try to improve it
  • deep first-principles understanding of some computing process, e.g. what exactly happens when you type a URL and press enter, exactly how, for example, blockchain / a neural network / a chess-playing algorithm / Google's Ad bidding / Shazam's song search works (we will definitely want you to tell us all about it!)
  • a story about your ML model that worked great on historical data but failed in production
  • a story about how you spent hours labelling data by hand for your ML model
  • a story about how you spent 3 days debugging something and finally found a solution
  • a story about how you had no idea how your users were using your product until you started measuring it
  • expertise in middle-out compression

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