Employee AI Assistant

Search your internal knowledge base in one place

Connect your apps to Quickchat’s AI Assistant and use it to get information fast through a chat interface.

Trusted by 1000+ companies, big and small:
Knowledge base

Easy search across your company's information

Use what you already have and connect the Assistant to your internal knowledge base.

Train your AI Assistant to communicate with your team the way you expect.
Dashboard mockup
Integrate with your apps

Access via your company's messaging app

Quickchat AI easily integrates with popular apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams. Simply ask there and get what you're looking for.
insight reports

Know when something's missing

Receive AI-generated insights on how to improve the Knowledge Base to reflect the questions of your employees.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Suitable for international companies

Does your business operate in multiple languages? No problem. Quickchat’s AI Assistant recognizes and speaks 100+ languages.
100+ Languages
Select the languages you want your AI Assistant to speak.
Auto-Language Detection
AI Assistant automatically identifies the language of the conversation, allowing it to communicate in the appropriate language.
Custom Translations
Specify what particular translations you want the Assistant to use. Keep your brand voice.

Succeed in the new world redefined by AI.
Don't get left behind.