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Adjust your AI Assistant's goal and tone of voice. Integrate with your apps to automate customer support, lead generation, and more.
Knowledge base

Set up in minutes

Use our friendly interface to start building and get to a working solution fast.

Discover our powerful functionalities over time and tweak your Assistant to perfection. Appreciated by both non-technical users and hardcore AI engineers.
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Worry-free pricing

No worries about unexpected charges

No one likes limits and neither do we. All pricing plans come with unlimited AI messages, so you won't need to worry about a sudden rise in the volume of conversations with your AI Assistant or additional charges.
Knowledge base

Know the sources of responses

The Message Sources feature references the exact paragraph from your Knowledge Base that was used to generate a particular response.
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Connect with international customers

Choose among 100+ languages and support your customers from all over the world.
100+ Languages
Select the languages you want your AI Assistant to speak.
Auto-Language Detection
AI Assistant automatically identifies the language of the conversation, allowing it to communicate in the appropriate language.
Custom Translations
Specify what particular translations you want the Assistant to use. Keep your brand voice.
Human Handoff

Transfer to your CS team when needed

Some questions fall beyond your AI Assistant's ability, for instance questions outside the scope of the Knowledge Base. The Human Handoff feature recognizes those cases and automatically passes them onto your Human Agents.
Auto-detection when human is needed
AI is aware that it is not capable of answering specific questions and can feel user frustrations.
Agents' Working Hours
Specify your Agents' working hours and what information should be provided to the user who cannot be handed off to a Human Agent outside working hours.
AI Summary
Each conversation ending in Human Handoff will be summarized with a note to provide context for the Human Agent to seamlessly continue.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
insight reports

Be ready to answer all your customers' questions

AI-generated reports inform you how to improve your Knowledge Base to stay up-to-date with your customers' questions and give them the most accurate answers.

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