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What is Quickchat?

Quickchat is a human-like AI assistant that provides accurate and instant answers to customer questions.

Can I add it to my website?

Yes! It can be implemented on any website and it doesn't require technical expertise or time-consuming setup. You can also connect your software directly to our API.

Awesome! How can I start??

Simply click the "Get Started" button and follow the next steps.

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What is love?

I'm sorry... I'm here to talk about Quickchat, not about love.


Quickchat is a fully conversational and Multilingual AI Assistant powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, a 175 billion parameters state-of-the-art language model. Quickchat chat bots can recognize and speak your native language. You can use it to automate your customer support, online applications, searching through internal knowledge base and many other tasks - possibilities are endless! You can think of it as a truly conversational human-computer interface. Implement it on your website, if you want to:

👂 Listen to your customers,

🤖 Automate your customer support,

💰 Generate more valuable leads.

Easy to build.

Building your chat bot is very easy! You don't have to create complex decision trees and think about every possible question and every scenario. Simply tell us about your use-case and upload your knowledge base using Quickchat dashboard to see how the magic happens!

Learns from you.

In order to be able to answer your customer questions, chat bot needs access to information about your products. Simply upload you FAQ's, product descriptions, internal documentation or example conversations to see how quickly AI learns about new things! You can also connect Quickchat to your internal API, database or any other data structure to automate more complex processes using AI.

Connects to existing software.

Users can talk to Quickchat chat bots via Quickchat Web Widget embedded on your website, but also other apps such as Facebook Messenger, Discord, Slack, Telegram or live chat software. You can even connect it to your own application using Quickchat API. With Quickchat you will never lose your live chat functionality, because you can always easily pause your AI Chat Bot and hand over the conversation to your customer support staff.

Quickchat integrations

Join the AI revolution.

Add AI Assistant to your website and social channels

Help your customers in seconds with AI Chat Bot trained on your knowledge base. Add Quickchat Web Widget to your website or easily integrate it with your social channels, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc.

Need API access?

If you have other ideas and need access to our API, we are happy to help! With Quickchat you can build your customised AI Assistant and integrate it with any other software using Quickchat API. Possibilities are endless! Contact us to add conversational AI to your product.

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