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UI/UX and Graphic Designer


Warsaw / Remote



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Per hour / project

At Quickchat AI, we're passionate about harnessing the power of advanced language models like OpenAI's GPT to create innovative consumer products and business solutions. We're on the lookout for a talented UI/UX designer to lay the foundation for a cohesive design system, propose and adapt existing solutions (like component libraries), or develop unique ones.

What you'll do:
  • Create the foundation for a consistent design system tailored to our needs.
  • Evaluate and adapt existing UI solutions or create new ones to enhance our product's user experience.
  • Bring a deep understanding of web applications, accessibility standards, UI, and UX to guide and enrich our team with your knowledge and experience.
  • Occasionally you will also design graphics and illustrations for our landing page, newsletters, and social media.
  • Collaborate closely with our team to refine, standardize, and polish the look of our current project, making it sleek and user-friendly.
What we look for:
  • Proven experience in UI/UX design, particularly in creating or implementing design systems like atomic design etc.
  • Strong understanding of web application design, accessibility standards, and user experience principles.
  • Ability to assess existing design solutions and adapt them to our specific needs or create bespoke solutions when necessary.
  • Excellent communication skills and technical fluency in English.
  • A collaborative spirit, ready to work with our team to elevate our product's design.
Bonus points for:
  • A portfolio showcasing your previous design projects, particularly those involving design systems or web application interfaces.
  • Enthusiasm for technology and a keen interest in the latest trends in UI/UX design.
  • If you are excited to contribute to a team that thrives on innovation and is eager to improve the world of technology, we would love to hear from you!