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Multilingual custom AI Assistants trained on your data

Design, tweak, and deploy your own AI Assistant to automate customer support, lead generation, and much more.
Trusted by 1000+ companies, big and small:
common use cases

Solve real problems with AI


Personalise AI Assistant

Name your Assistant, choose its AI Profession, and add Guidelines.


Adjust Conversation Style

Choose languages, tone of voice, creativity and more.


Add Knowledge & Actions

Add knowledge manually or import it from your sources.


Deploy and Integrate

Deploy on your website or connect to your apps.

AI for Customer Support

Relieve your Customer Support team, while staying in control

100+ Languages
Select the languages you want your AI Assistant to speak.
Automated Human Handoff
AI Assistant will automatically hand over a conversation to your team when needed.
Custom Translations
Specify what particular translations you want the Assistant to use. Keep your brand voice.
Easy imports to the Knowledge Base
Build your AI Knowledge Base with ease—import your data through URLs, PDFs, Intercom Articles or just paste the text into the interface. No extra work required.
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup
AI for sales / eCommerce

Move your website visitors down the funnel

AI Professions
Running an e-commerce store? Customize to make it proactively give your visitors personalised product recommendations.
Smart Lead Generation
Automatically collect your leads' contact details. Integrate with your CRM to have everything in one place.
Conversation Analytics Dashboard
Stay informed about your Assistant's performance, be up-to-date with everything that's happening, and conduct your own analyses.

Need more power?

We will get knee-deep in your use case and build a unique AI Assistant tailored exactly to your business.
Custom AI Actions
AI Assistant connects with your tools and systems as specified.
Custom AI Personality
Let it speak your brand voice.
Custom AI Profession
Make your AI Assistant work toward the exact goals.
Custom Integrations
Put AI in your everyday tools.
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Main features

Customize your AI Assistant with our robust features


Bring AI to your users' favorite spaces

Put Quickchat AI in your everyday tools. Use it within interfaces you already know.
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Quickchat ai in numbers

Battle-tested, business-ready technology

Since 2020, we’ve been developing conversational AI Assistants powered by Large Language Models.
One thing has become clear — if businesses are to put AI front-and-center, they need detailed design and tight control over AI solutions.

+4 years

in the field of Generative AI. We know how to do it right.

+7 000

AI Assistants created for various use cases using our technology.

+10 million

messages replied by Al Assistants created using Quickchat AI

research on cutting-edge LLMs:
GPT, Cohere, Anthropic.

Quickchat AI has revolutionized the way we work, saving us immense amounts of time and effort. It has become such an integral part of our team that we can't imagine life without it.

Richard Bandoy
Business Process Manager

We've had 2,000+ interactions with the Assistant with a user satisfaction rate of 100%. Quickchat AI had everything we needed: ease of building the Knowledge Base, user-friendly interface, multilingual abilities, and responsive customer support.

Michael La Riviere
Enterprise Web Architect
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Succeed in the new world redefined by AI.
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